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“…I’m a nerd. You’re a nerd.”
“How do you know I’m a nerd?” said the student.
“You must be,” said the Antelope, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
Somewhere after the point you see your peers’ wizard rock band shirts or homemade crochet sonic screwdriver cat toy, you have to admit you never expected to fit in so well.


Beautiful Libraries  Neil Gaiman’s Personal Library (The Basement, Neil Gaiman’s Home) Take the 3D tour here.

all i care about is that one day i will have my own library in my house.

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Librarian Stereotypes

"This is (not) what a librarian looks like."

The Name of the Rose

NYRB article from 1983.  Love their archives, love this book.  Wish I were curled up, listening to this thunderstorm, and reading about William and the monks.  

Neil Gaiman on libraries and librarians